# Creating a minimal VuePress custom theme

These notes show how to create a minimal custom theme from scratch and use it in a Vuepress site. The general outline is:

  • Create a directory in /usr/local/lib/node_modules with vuepress-theme- as a prefix for your theme name. In this example the base theme name is starter1.
  • Create a minimal Layout.vue in that directory.
  • Create a minimal Home.vue in the same directory with identical contents.
  • Add the base theme name to your config.js

# Create a theme directory in /usr/local/lib/node_modules

Custom themes live in the directory /usr/local/lib/node_modules, so create it and change to that directory. The name needs to be prefixed with vuepress-theme-, so if the theme's name is starter1, the directory name becomes vuepress-theme-starter1 like so:

# Create a directory for the them under node_modules. 
$ sudo mkdir -p /usr/local/lib/node_modules/vuepress-theme-starter1

# Make it the working directory.
$ cd /usr/local/lib/node_modules/vuepress-theme-starter1

# Create the files Layout.vue and Home.vue

  • Add this file to the theme directory and name it Layout.vue. Give it these contents:
  • Create an identical file in the same directory and name it Home.vue. Give it the same contents:

# Create a VuePress site

Go to your normal work area and generate a Vuepress site. In this case you would replace ~/code/vue/vuepress with wherever you choose to put your Vuepress files. This site's directory is creatively called demo1.

# Create full directory path, including the
# necessary hidden directory .vuepress
$ mkdir -p ~/code/vue/vuepress/demo1/.vuepress

# Make it the working directory.
$ cd ~/code/vue/vuepress/demo1

# Create a minimal site, which includes nothing
# but a home page with a single h1 header.
$ echo "# hello, world." > README.md

# Name theme in config.js

Create the file ./vuepress/config.js:

# Replace vim with your favorite editor 
$ vim .vuepress/config.js

Contents of ./vuepress/config.js:

const base = process.env.GH ? '/vuepress/' : '/'
module.exports = {
    title: "Demo1",
    description: "Demo of starter1 custom Vuepress theme",
    theme: "starter1"

# Generate the site and run the server:

$ vuepress dev

And visit your site:

Screen shot of the minimal VuePress theme named starter1

You can find a repository at https://github.com/tomcam/vuepress-theme-starter1.

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